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Holiday homes Jūras Krasti (Sea Shores)

      Holiday homes JŪRAS KRASTI (SEA SHORES) are located in the southwestern part of Kurzeme, 40 km from the Lithuanian border and is open to visitors all year round.

      Starting with 2014 we offer four holiday homes right on the seaside for the nature enthusiasts who love active recreation, peace and romance.

      We named each house after its most prominent features – proximity to sea, enclosure by pine forest, verandas, balconies, terraces, bedroom with white bath in the very centre of the room, where you can enjoy sunset views while relaxing in the warm bubble bath or sitting at the coffee table. The houses are named “ IDILLE“ (IDYLL), “ BOHĒMIJA“ (BOHEMIA), “HARMONIJA“ (HARMONY) and “ ROMANTIKA“ (ROMANCE). Rest assured – you will get both peace and strength in abundance from the proximity of the sea while staying in JŪRAS KRASTI, and positive energy charge is guaranteed both in the company of friends and with your special loved one, or simply spending time with yourself… 

      In summer JŪRAS KRASTI offers 5 luxury tents with all necessary amenities in the common-use territory. There is area for athletic activities, firewood-heated sauna and adjacent beach of 150 m length for common use. The total area occupies 1,4 ha.


         All houses are thermally insulated and ready for all-year-round living, they have electric central heating systems and automatic electrically heated floors. There are all other amenities needed both for short-term and long-term vacation – kitchen with stove, refrigerator,  induction hob and dish washer. IDILLE ,BOHĒMIJA and HARMONIJA have a conditioner with heating function. Each house has two WCs and a shower (BOHĒMIJA has one).  ROMANTIKA – has a PAA stone mass bath AMORE, from which you can enjoy complete sea view. All houses have free WIFI (in the territory as well) and SMART TV.

         All houses have 3 bedrooms, and you can enjoy sea view from the second floor bedrooms without getting out of the bed.  BOHEMIJA is a compact two-level small building with beds on both levels. You can also enjoy sea view from the second level beds.

         IDILLE is ideally suited for 12 persons (110 sq.m.), ROMANTIKA for 9 persons (130 sq.m.),  HARMONIJA for 8 persons ( 90 sq.m.) and BOHĒMIJA 6 persons ( 20 sq.m.). BOHĒMIJA is also very comfortable for a couple, but there are sleeping places for 6 persons. Each house has its own private territory with a barbecue, terrace by the sea, outdoor furniture and direct beach access. BOHĒMIJA has a private beach access with a terrace by the house with sea view.

Beach and sea

         Jūrmalciems beach is ~ 40 – 70 m white, sandy, without stones. In autumn and spring you can wander all day long, picking up amber stones. The sea is very shallow and gets deeper gradually, so it is safe for those who are not very skilled swimmers. There is a completely uninhabited 3 km long beach in the north direction, which, the same as JŪRAS KRASTI, borders on the Bernāti Nature Park. The old pier stretches into the sea in front of the property.


       There is a separated special area in the territory of JŪRAS KRASTI with a firewood-heated sauna, adjacent outdoor terrace with tables and WC/shower house and outdoor kitchen. The sauna can be comfortably used by 4-6 persons. After you have enjoyed thorough heating in the sauna, you can take a quick plunge into the sea! The sensations are  unique.

       Price for the sauna an hot tub with the recreational area is 110 EUR /3h or 70 EUR each separately. If you have forgotten to take along coal for the barbecue, you can purchase dry firewood for 3 EUR (per firewood basket). Please kindly note – due to weather conditions and occupancy we are not always able to guarantee the use of sauna and hot tub. 

JK Boutique Camping

       For those who love freedom and romance we offer five (20 sq.m.) tents with fully prepared bed spaces. The tents are designed for 2 persons, but 2 additional spaces can be arranged in each tent. The tents are furnished, with lighting and free WiFi. Amenities are available in the adjacent territory – WC, shower with warm water, kitchen (electric stove, refrigerator,  washing machine, microwave, dishes, etc.)

Private parking space. Open in summer.

Athletic activities

        There is an area for athletic activities in the common-use territory (everything necessary for floorball, basketball, volleyball,  archery and air gun) and a trampoline. We offer also to rent bicycles and a boat for small trips of fishing near the coast.

Surroundings of Jūras Krasti

JŪRAS KRASTI is located 20 km  from Liepāja, 10 km from Nīca, 55 km from Palanga, 10 km from bistro “BizBiz”, café “Paviljons”, restaurant/café “Nīcava” and restaurant/café “Dzintarins”, the nearest shop is just 2 km away in the centre of Jūrmalciems. There is a petrol station in Nīca. 

There is a bicycle track going along JŪRAS KRASTI,  connecting Latvia and Lithuania in either way…. You can rent our bicycles or use your own, preferably MB type.

Since JŪRAS KRASTI are enclosed from all sides with rich pine forests, this could be a beginning for many beautiful nature paths, following indications in Bērnāti and Pape Nature Parks. Nordic walking enthusiasts will appreciate several hour or even all day long trips. The highest dune in Latvia – Mount Pūsēni is just 500 m from JŪRAS KRASTI. If you are lucky, on a clear day you can even see Lithuania…

Spring and autumn are the right time to go fishing for plaice. Dress warm and take along long sea fishing rods to enjoy active fishing on JŪRAS KRASTI beach. Don’t forget to buy fishing licence! 

If you wish to enjoy sunset in the sea, on a small fishing boat, the fisherman Kaspars is your right man! Together you will empty sea traps and earn fish for supper.  

Boat ticket per person  costs 20 EUR. You can also get fresh and smoked fish from Kaspars.  

Special treat for diving fans is two sunken shipwrecks near Pape Nature Park. 

We can help you to enjoy all these activities in JŪRAS KRASTI. 

On Wednesdays the fishermen offer fresh or just smoked fish. On Saturdays you will have to get up early, as there is a market in the centre of Nīca, where you can find all sorts of local farmer products and other treats. The market closes at 8AM.


On hot summer days you can enjoy sun baths or a Martini cocktail, or simply cold bear, while lying on the lounge chairs on the terraces at the end of the dune. 


Autumn is the season of storms. It is warm and nice in the house. You can see the raging sea through the window. Well, it’s time for yourself, to read a good book or take a walk… 


Real winter in JŪRAS KRASTI is in February and March. 200 m from the houses there is a 150 m long track – sledge hill (high dune with a nice sea view). While the parents enjoy mulled wine, the children can enjoy winter activities outdoors. You just have to pull the sledge yourself… The toughest ones can enjoy distance skiing right on the beach. It is always smooth, and you can even catch a tan. If you wish to go a little crazy – there is a quad bike! Just be careful!!!


The spring is the blooming season in JŪRAS KRASTI – lilac, pine trees, all good midsummer greenery… As the pine buds rupture in the spring, you can collect rubbery and aromatic pine bud shoots. If you soak them in something stronger – the elixir of life will be ready!

The spring is the right season to go fishing for salmon, sea pike and halibuts. Get your angling rods and long sea fishing rods ready – and get to the sea!!! Salmon in the early morning, sea pike in the middle of the day and halibut at night, and you can stargaze at night, by the fire on the beach….